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Loss of Parent or Spouse

Loss of Parent / Spouse

The loss of a Parent or a Spouse can be very difficult. This loss can affect different areas of your life. Share...

Car Accident

Accidental Death

Was the death of your loved one caused by an accident? There are various types of accidents: automobile, plane crash, motorcycle, drowning to...

When you've lost someone to addiction


Was the death of your loved one caused by overdose? Please share your story. Tell us how it affected your life? What...

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We can Change everything together

When a community comes together during difficult times, it can change just about everything. It can improve the moral and mindset of families who are suffering from a loss of a loved one.

A conversation with Kelly Farley


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We’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved together with charities, individuals, philanthropists and schools since we started this campaign, and here are some fact from our achievement





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Death of a loved one can be life changing. Feelings of grief may come and go; and every loss feels different. Grief is unique and can be felt at any...

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